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The Fraud Practice offers a 40+ course catalog covering a variety of topics and subjects. With 41 individual courses offered you can be sure to find the topics that are really important to you. Any of the courses can be taken individually online at your own pace, and many are also available as part of a Certification Track.

Our online training catalog includes courses coming from a variety of topics related to payments and fraud in the Customer Not Present (CNP) channel. We offer ePayments focused courses discussing eCommerce card based and many alternative payment methods, as well how to assess and select ePayment options. As it relates to fraud in the CNP channel there are courses related to fraud basics, fraud signals, fraud tools, electronic identity, and manual order reviews. There are courses focused on designing an internal fraud strategy and shopping for third party vendors. Additionally, there are courses on highly specific topics including chargeback management, merchant underwriting as well as tax and compliance considerations. Browse the full catalog below, all of the courses are available online and can be started today.


D. Billings, Certified Fraud Professional

It was a fantastic experience, I really enjoyed it. Having tenure and experience in the industry, I found value getting this external exposure, it provides a new perspective.

M. Wrobleski, Director Fraud & Risk, GSN Digital

The material is spot on, especially for someone who is either building an internal fraud solution or choosing an external one.

T. Lee, Director Product Marketing, Transaction Network Services

The content is broken down into good bite sizes, which gives me the ability to take lesson if I have 30 minutes at the end of the day. When at home I know I can take a lesson or two and not need to invest a whole lot of time.

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