Introduction to Compliance for eCommerce Merchants

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The Introduction to Compliance Requirements for eCommerce Merchants training session covers essential information businesses need to know to ensure they are in full compliance with the rules and regulations that pertain to them. This includes the standards for handling and securing credit card data, ensuring you know your customer and they aren’t involved in financial crime, complying with the increased regulations of publicly traded companies as well as how these compliance requirements may differ in other regions of the world. After attending this online training course students will be able to answer these fundamental questions: What measures must I take to ensure the safe processing and storage of customer credit card data and more specifically what data am I allowed to maintain? What types of businesses do KYC and SOX requirements apply to and how are similar requirements enforced in other nations? Should my company suffer a data breach how do I know whether or not I need to notify those affected, what must I tell them, and how long do I have to notify them?

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David Montague
David Montague



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