eCommerce Chargeback Specialist Certification 

While an acquirer or payment processor may train you and your team on how to access or download chargeback information online, that doesn't mean they will take the time, or have the experience, to teach you what you need to do with those chargebacks. Chargebacks represent a lot more than just fraud, and as an organization, it is in your best interest to have someone focused on chargebacks to determine which ones could possibly be reversed. An eCommerce Chargeback Specialist can be an effective monitoring mechanism to spot problems with the payment system, user experience, fulfillment process, or other areas causing chargebacks, while the Certification Track provides a concise training regimen for individuals looking to enter into the risk space; and for employers to feel more confident that new employees will be productive in their new roles faster and with less overhead to get them going.


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Chargeback Specialist Certification

  • The Fraud Practice offers several levels of professional certification for personnel in the e-payments and fraud industries with varying levels of experience and for different job functions.


    The eCommerce Chargeback Specialist Career Track and professional certification focuses on providing essential job role knowledge to enable the efficient and reliable processing of chargebacks within an organization. Individuals will learn how to process daily chargeback feeds, perform analysis of chargebacks, report and monitor the health of the merchant account and spot potential problems with the business.


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