Introduction to eCommerce Credit Card Payments  

A fundamentals session that covers the credit card process flow defining each of the "payment players." This course reviews payment concepts such as authorizations, settlements, reversals, chargebacks and the credit card association's high risk programs.



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Credit Card Payments

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  • Credit card payments are a critical component to almost every eCommerce business worldwide. As an eCommerce merchant or professional you are expected to understand how credit card payments work. Who are the players in a credit card transaction? What are the types of transactions you need to process to accept payments? Do all of the credit cards work the same? How fast will you get paid for your transactions? Who is responsible for fraud and when? What fraud tools do the card associations provide?


    This course was last updated in July, 2017 to include updated discussion around 3D Secure 2.0 and latest data and information regarding EMV cards globally and in the U.S., now two years after the liabiltiy shift. Ofered in HTML5 and compatible with all mobile devices.