Expert Level Fraud Training 

A comprehensive online training program intended for experienced professionals in the eCommerce payments and fraud space.

This training builds on the eight required courses of the Advanced Level Fraud Certification with an added focus on the tools, technology and techniques for managing fraud within an organization as well as courses focused on maintaining customer site user security. The Expert Level Fraud Certification can be taken with the included eight courses from the Advanced Level certification, or as an upgrade for those who complete Advanced Level Fraud Certification for the cost difference between the two.

Expert Level Fraud Training

  • Course Access: Restricted - enrollees must be vetted and approved


    Course Availability: Online, In-House and Webinar


    Prerequisites: This is an Intermediate level training package but begins with foundational material to provide training and experience on the subject matter.


    Level of Difficulty: Intermdiate


    The Fraud Practice's Online Portal and Certification Tracks:

    • Available On Demand 24x7
    • Fast, Reliable Online Presentation
    • SCORM Compliant
    • Include Multiple Courses
      • Each with 3-4 Course Lessons & Quizzes
    • Include Course Exams and Comprehensive Final
    • Include Professional Designation with Certificate and Logo