Fraud Expert - Chargeback Focus 

This program is a supplemental add-on to the Fraud Expert core course regimen. The Fraud Expert must be completed first. 

There are multiple levels to the Fraud Expert certification. The core 8 Fraud Expert courses are like a "brown belt" while this and other focus areas are increased levels or stripes. This is one of 3 possible focus areas, of which two are required before being prepared to take the Fraud Manager training.


The Chargeback Focus area offers three courses discussing payment disputes and chargebacks, performign analytics to better track and improve performance related to chargebacks, and a course on strategies for fighting or re-presenting chargebacks.  

Fraud Expert - Chargeback Focus

  • Course Access: Restricted - enrollees must be vetted and approved. 


    Course Availability: Online, In-House and Webinar


    Prerequisites: The Fraud Expert core (8) courses must first be completed before enrolling in this programs.


    Level of Difficulty: Intermediate


    The Fraud Practice's Online Portal and Certification Tracks:

    • Available On Demand 24x7
    • Fast, Reliable Online Presentation
    • SCORM Compliant
    • Include Multiple Courses
      • Each with 3-4 Course Lessons & Quizzes
    • Include Course Exams and Comprehensive Final
    • Include Professional Designation with Certificate and Logo