Fraud Manager 



This program includes the eight core courses from the Advanced Fraud Certification as foundational curriculum then adds three highly advanced management level courses intended for those who lead and oversee risk management and fraud teams in an organization.


The Fraud Manager Certification is our Black Belt. It includes three advanced, management level courses that build off of the core material included in the Advanced Fraud Certification. These courses are focused on risk management strategy design including the use of advanced analytics and modeling and how to build and manage risk management teams.


Fraud Manager

  • Course Access: Restricted - enrollees must be vetted and approved. 


    Course Availability: Online, In-House and Webinar


    Level of Difficulty: Advanced


    The Fraud Practice's Online Portal and Certification Tracks:

    • Available On Demand 24x7
    • Fast, Reliable Online Presentation
    • SCORM Compliant
    • Include Multiple Courses
      • Each with 3-4 Course Lessons & Quizzes
    • Include Course Exams and Comprehensive Final
    • Include Professional Designation with Certificate and Logo