New Employee Training 

Set a baseline and strong foundation of knowledge for those new to digital payments and risk.  This training program provides foundational level knowledge with introductory courses around eCommerce payment processing, chargebacks and online fraud.

The training begins by establishing the basics of credit card processing for eCommerce to better understand the parties involved, the payment flow and the impact of chargebacks. Enrollees are also taught then tested on the basics of eCommerce fraud to ensure a foundation level understanding of online fraud tactics, methods and motivations. This baseline is provided with three foundational courses, then organizations or enrollees can choose two of five bonus courses that best fit their line career and operational area.

New Employee Training

  • Course Access: Unrestricted


    Course Availability: Online, In-House and Webinar


    Prerequisites: This is a Beginner level training package and requires no prior knowledge, training or experience on the subject matter.


    Level of Difficulty: