Risk Vendor Sales Training 

Sales personnel that complete this training should be able to operate in a consultative capacity with merchants related to epayments and fraud management. You should be able to discuss the impact of fraud on a merchant as well as to be able to discuss best practices for merchants to evaluate and manage fraud within their operations.

This training consists of 4 required courses and 2 bonus courses that can be selected from a pool of 5 options. The first core course provides an understanding of eCommerce fraud. The second defines and discusses nearly 50 risk management and fraud detection techniques in the context of applying them in a fraud strategy. The third core course provides a way to group and compare the vast risk vendor services market while the final course takes a management perspective on fraud for digital commerce channels. The BONUS courses allow employeers or sales personnel to choose the courses that are best fit for the specific risk products they are selling. 

Risk Vendor Sales Training