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Fraud Expert - Fraud Detection Technology

This program is a supplemental add-on to the Fraud Expert core course regimen. The Fraud Expert must be completed first.

There are multiple levels to the Fraud Expert certification. The core 8 Fraud Expert courses are like a "brown belt" while this and other focus areas are increased levels or stripes. This is one of 3 possible focus areas, of which two are required before being prepared to take the Fraud Manager training.


The Technology Tool & Fraud Detection specialist focus area provides three intermediate to advanced courses discussing specific types of buyer fraud and third party fraud signals, applying common CNP channel risk management techniques such as IP proxy detection, IP geolocation and device identification, as well as understanding consumer authentication and the use of 2FA, 3-DS and 3-DS 2.0.


What's Included:

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3 Core (Required) Courses

Enrolling multiple employees? You can either add multiple items to the checkout cart or give us a call and we can send an invoice.

Please call (941) 244-5361 to reach us, or use another Contact method.


The Fraud Practice’s online professional training and certification programs count towards continuing professional education requirements to maintain the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certificaiton as well as meet continuing professional education (CPE) requirements for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) professional designation, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

This training program provides 6 CPE credit hours.


M. Mosman, Sr. Business Consultant -  Fraud & Identity, Experian

I have previously taken other training programs, but there was a lot of minutia. This content is relevant, the material is spot on, and the content addresses all the important issues pertaining to the eCommerce market.

M. Wrobleski, Director Fraud & Risk, GSN Digital

The material is spot on, especially for someone who is either building an internal fraud solution or choosing an external one.

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