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eCommerce Fraud Analyst Training

Set a baseline and strong foundation of knowledge for those performing order risk reviews while bringing new and seasonal hires up-to-speed quickly and efficiently so they can start providing value within days of being hired or promoted.  This training program provides enrollees with a strong understanding of how payment processing works for the Customer Not Present (CNP) channel, methods for validating and establishing trust in an identity and how to perform manual order verification risk reviews.

The training begins by establishing the basics of credit card processing for eCommerce to better understand the parties involved, the payment flow and the impact of chargebacks. Enrollees are taught then tested on the basics of eCommerce fraud to ensure a foundation level understanding of online fraud tactics, methods and motivations. This baseline is provided with four foundational courses, then organizations or enrollees can choose two of five bonus courses that best fit their line of business.

Business Meeting

What's Included:

(Click on a thumbnail image to learn about each included or optional course.)

4 Core (Required) Courses
Select 2 of 5 Bonus Courses

Include your optional course selections at checkout, or if not specified a representative will contact you to confirm.

Enrolling multiple employees? You can either add multiple items to the checkout cart or give us a call and we can send an invoice.

Please call (941) 244-5361 to reach us, or use another Contact method.


The Fraud Practice’s online professional training and certification programs count towards continuing professional education requirements to maintain the eCommerce Fraud Professional Certificaiton as well as meet continuing professional education (CPE) requirements for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) professional designation, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

This training program provides 6 CPE credit hours.


C. Bründlinger, Payment & Fraud Manager, Travian Games GmbH

This comprehensive  training guides you through all the basics of fraud management and is a great help when building up knowledge regarding card not present fraud. I'd recommend this to every new member of a fraud management team to  kickstart the required skills and start understanding not only the nature of credit card fraud, but also how the credit card e-commerce infrastructure is works in general. The modules are well-explained and the access is easy and convenient.

J. Ruzicka, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

Much of the material in the training program is great and useful information for merchants. A few of the courses, such as the Manual Review Tools course, provided a lot of practical and useful information for merchants – it covered different sources for manual look-ups and what to look for when using them.

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