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Certified eCommerce Payment Specialist

Professional Distinction


Professionals certified as an eCommerce Payment Specialist have the required training to effectively plan for, deliver and manage Customer Not Present (CNP) or remote payments for their organization and in their industry.

Those who have earned the eCommerce Payment Specialist Certification understand how card-based and alternative payments work and have also gained an understanding of the fraud risks related to taking payments through the eCommerce and mobile commerce channels.

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The eCommerce Payment Specialist Certification is a specialized training program intended for individuals that have the responsibility to manage payment planning and support within an organization, either from a product management or a product development perspective. This certification is intended for and includes professionals with job titles such as Payment Optimization Manager, Project Manager - Payments, Payment Analyst, Payment Systems Engineer and more.

eCommerce Payment Specialists Represent

Types of Organizations
Career Roles
  • Payments Analyst

  • Payment Specialist

  • Payment Optimization Analyst

  • Project Manager, Payments

  • ePayments Specialist

  • Payments Strategy Manager

  • Payment Optimization Manager

  • Payments Data Analyst

  • Payment Systems Engineer

  • Inside Sales, Payment Products

Paying by Phone
6 Included Courses at a Bundled Cost
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Do You Have What it Takes?

To complete the eCommerce Payment Specialist Certification students must pass multiple exams to demonstrate the retention of core concepts and knowledge around payment processing, alternative payment methods and payment risk management in the CNP channel. It takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to complete all six courses, 20 practice quizzes, 6 course exams and 1 cumulative final exam.



T. Lee, Director of Product Marketing, Transaction Network Services, Inc.

The content is broken down into bite sizes, which gives me the ability to take lesson if I have 30 minutes at the end of the day. When at home I know I can take a lesson or two and not need to invest a whole lot of time

E. Dietrich, VP Global Fraud Prevention Risk Services, ACI Worldwide

The training program is fantastic. You don’t have to download anything, it runs quickly and easily right on your web browser. You can pause and go back to write down or review information, play and navigate through the lessons seamlessly.

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