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Certified eCommerce Operations Specialist

Professional Distinction


Professionals certified as an eCommerce Operations Specialist are typically department heads, managers, directors or senior team members that are involved with operational processes for payment and risk management.

They have demonstrated a high level of knowledge and understanding regarding payment processing, risk management and chargeback management for eCommerce. They are able to lead both manual review and chargeback or post-transaction management teams.


eCommerce Operations Specialists are primarily represented by merchants with some Certification holders that represent acquirers and payment processors as well. These are generally leaders of in-house manual review staff and/or chargeback reconciliation and re-presentment teams. Operations Specialists often report directly to the Director of Risk Management and may lead teams of anywhere from 5 to 50 people.

eCommerce Operations Specialists Represent

Types of Organizations
Career Roles
  • Risk Operations Manager

  • Manual Review Team Lead

  • Operational Manager

  • Manager, Chargeback Operations

  • Risk Review Manager

  • Loss Prevention Manager

  • Representment Manager

  • Sr. Risk Review Analyst

  • Fraud Prevention Specialist

  • Risk Analyst II

Merchant Verticals
  • Clothing / Apparel

  • Electronics

  • Health / Beauty Products

  • General Retail

  • Auction Sites & Marketplaces

  • Online Dating

  • Digital Goods

  • Gaming

  • Travel

  • Event Ticketing

8 Included Courses at a Reduced Bundled Cost
Do You Have What it Takes?

To complete the eCommerce Operations Specialist Certification students must complete eight individual courses. Each course includes three or four lessons, quizzes and over an hour of instruction time. For each course they must pass an exam with a score of at least 80 percent, and there is a cumulative final they must also complete at the end. These courses and examinations provide and demonstrate the retention of core concepts, techniques, definitions and regulations regarding eCommerce payments, fraud detection, identity authentication and verification, manual review, chargebacks and chargeback analytics for the CNP channel.



D. England, Fraud Prevention & Payments Services Manager, MonaVie

I really enjoyed the eCommerce Fraud Professional training program, and it was actually more comprehensive than I was expecting. I have already recommended it to others.

M. Mosman, Solutions Consultant, LexisNexis

I have previously taken other training programs, but there was a lot of minutia. The content in the eCommece Fraud Professional program is relevant, the material is spot on, and the content addresses all the important issues pertaining to the eCommerce market.

J. Ruzicka, eCommerce Certified Fraud Professional

Much of the material or advice given in the eCommerce Fraud Professional training program we already tell merchant clients to do as best practices, but I learned several new things to tell them as well. I also learned some new terminology that will help us converse with merchants about these topics.

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