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Certified eCommerce Payment Professional

Professional Distinction


The eCommerce Payment Professional Certification is a specialized training program intended for individuals who are responsible for an organization's strategic guidance related to payment functions.

The eCommerce Payment Specialist Certification  provides individuals a well-rounded core understanding of eCommerce payment considerations and implications with a focus on the planning and oversight of product development around complex payment problems such as cross border support, tax, compliance and payment fee optimization.

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The eCommerce Payment Professional Certification trains individuals to take on roles within fraud teams as a Payment Professional (Director of eCommerce, Product Manager, eCommerce Business Analyst). Those who complete this certification  will be able to take the lead on strategic business planning processes related to payments including the review, addition and support of payments in the eCommerce channel.

eCommerce Payment Professional Represent

Types of Organizations
Career Roles
  • Payments Product Manager

  • Director of Digital Payments

  • Director of eCommerce

  • Payment Optimization Analyst

  • ePayments Specialist

  • Payments Strategy Manager

  • Payment Optimization Manager

  • eCommerce Business Analyst

  • Payment Systems Engineer

  • Digital Payments Analyst

Business Meeting
11 Included Courses at a Bundled Cost
Do You Have What it Takes?

To complete the eCommerce Payment Specialist Certification students must pass multiple exams to demonstrate the retention of core concepts and knowledge around payment processing, alternative payment methods and payment risk management in the CNP channel. It takes approximately 14 to 16 hours to complete all 11 courses, 35 practice quizzes, 11 course exams and 1 cumulative final exam.



M. Mosman, Solutions Consultant, LexisNexis

The material is spot on, and the content addresses all the important issues pertaining to the eCommerce market.

E. Dietrich, VP Global Fraud Prevention Risk Services, ACI Worldwide

I have read a lot of fraud prevention books, and none of them organize or quantify the topics in such a useful and practical way. Fraud prevention books I have come across are often too theoretical and broad, but this is more about solving real business problems.

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